Women’s Wellness

Feel better…. naturally.


Are you a women who does too much, is exhausted and needs to slow down?  Recovering from illness, loss or birth trauma?  Experiencing menstrual, fertility or menopause problems?  Find the support you need here to initiate a return to wellness and vitality through a holistic and empowering approach.

Empowering and Educating Women into Optimum Well-being

These unique sessions support you in getting the best out of life through coaching, healing, education and bodywork therapies.  Nalini’s earthy, warm approach will put you instantly at ease, whilst her training, knowledge and experience give her an intuitive insight into what is needed.  Safe space to address whatever life is presenting.

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I have participated on a variety of Nalini’s workshops and courses and loved them all! I could go as far as saying they have transformed my outlook on life: The herbal workshops have reconnected me to nature and opened my eyes to the chemicals in commercial products; her yoga and nidra have been the tonic to a fast paced life.  However, Nalini has been much more then a teacher- I would definitely describe her as a life coach for women’s wellness! Thank you Nalini- look forward to another workshop! Vicki Fitzpatrick

Coaching and Mentoring

Confidence issues, anxiety, lack of direction, low self-care and other challenges

Combining  years of experience in Women’s Well-being coaching and therapy, Nalini will support you every step of the way.   Acknowledging our desires and setting about achieving them results in alignment with our authenticity.  As a result, a sense of peace and contentment filters into our life, enriching and empowering us on all levels.

Coaching to support you in getting clear about what is important for you, and finding the courage and enthusiasm to go for it.

Assisting you in unlocking your potential and facilitating change.  Encouraging you to examine your life, find your truth and live it.

Healing  and  Support


Experiences in  our lives, including grief, loss, trauma and change, often impact our energy, health and relationships.  With Holistic Therapy, Nalini works at your own pace to touch these issues to initiate integration and healing.

PTSD, anxiety, menopause, divorce, miscarriage, health issues, overwhelm, relationships and other challenges

These sessions can result in a sense of wholeness and well-being through body psychology and yoga therapy techniques.   Working together from a safe, quiet space at your own pace.

Taking time for yourself to relax and unwind

If you simply need some nurture and down time, choose a quiet hour of stillness, rest and relaxation with aromatherapy restorative healing.

You have this wonderful combination of humour and wisdom, a true connector.  Your enthusiasm and reverence for whatever it is that your teaching, from an herbal work shop, to meditation techniques, transmits as joy, and joy is inspiring. Your leadership especially with groups of people is gentle and not controlling… a grounded presence with a very very developed intuition because you  rely on a divine connection and source, a complete commitment that your goal is to be of service to this person or group and not so much attached to your personal desire of what you want to happen. Your willingness to share your own journey, your own imperfections and humanness with humour and compassion towards yourself….allows people to consider that for themselves as well. (Andrea)

Women’s Wellness Yoga – welcome home to yourself

Developed by women for women – practices to support us through life’s cycles

Womb Yoga for woman – a softer approach to allow for the physical and emotional body to experience a deep healing and letting go.  Gentle movement and yoga nidra combine to bring us into a place of rest and peacefulness. Connecting with ourselves and our femininity, this is a sublime practice that nourishes and nurtures and works with our natural rhythms.  It is also of enormous support for the health and challenges of  the menstrual cycle, peri and menopause , fertility, post-natal, prolapse and all things woman.  Helps us to connect with our bodies and listen to them.  Teaches us to honour the wisdom of our own hearts.

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Menstruality – the key to total empowerment

Do you experience PMT, depression, rage, tiredness, exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm, headaches, emotional distress, or menstrual pain?  

women groupNegativity about your menstrual cycle?  Learning to work with it well and making it your ally results in profound changes.   

Work in harmony with your cycle instead of against it, and it will bless you with you more energy, passion and enthusiasm for life; it is a fundamental tool for navigating your life in a really positive way, along with deepening our self respect and self esteem.  Our cycle has good news for us!

We have an innate wisdom and power encoded within our bodies – learning to access it from a place of knowledge is a deeply healing and empowering act.

We are not the same woman through a month of our cycle.  We have different strengths at different stages.  We need to be aware of and honour those in our lives. When we work against these, it causes unnecessary suffering and stress in our lives.  Harnessing our differing energies during our cycling month brings enormously positive results on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Menstrual cycle awareness reduces many common symptoms.

This is the practice that brought deep healing, understanding, clarity and power into my life.  I am passionate about the depth of change that working positively with the cycle brings to our lives – it is a fundamental necessity for all women.  More than anything, I want to share this knowledge as without it, women are missing out on the absolute essence of their womanhood and the key to peace, contentment and empowerment. (Nalini x)

“Every woman needs to know this stuff!  I can’t believe I have missed this for so many years  It needs to be taught in schools so we understand it from a young age” (student from menstrual workshop)

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 Menopause – path to liberation

Easing the symptoms naturally…embracing the change

For many women, the transition of menopause can bring up feelings of negativity and resistance.  Negativity around menopause has sadly become ingrained on many women’s psyche.   What if there was a new way to look at it, a way that leads to positivity, freedom and well-being?

Supporting you with symptoms and change.

When we understand  this ‘rite of passage’,  much resistance falls away and symptoms usually reduce.  Our bodies are trying to tell us something when symptoms become overwhelming;  they are asking us to slow down, listen and make some changes.  This really is the most empowering time in a woman’s life if she works it well.  Sessions offer support, education, coaching, and holistic methods for working with the challenges.

Menopause is a key transition in a women’s life and learning how to traverse this journey is paramount to finding the gifts it offers and navigating the changes it demands of us.  It’s ultimately a time for saying ‘yes’ to ourselves and finding our inner peace.

I attended a menopause workshop with Nalini in April 2019.   We were given plenty of opportunities and time to discuss the challenges and benefits of our experiences. We were able to discuss intimate challenges in a very supported, non judgmental and warm environment.  Some very gentle and slow yoga was incorporated too.  We were also encouraged to relax and meditate which I found very beneficial. I think that this course would be extremely helpful for anyone who is approaching or going through this part of their life.  People are are so lucky to have Nalini to help them as they start out on the road of the menopause. (J. Shuker)

Next workshops 26th Oct and 9th Nov. 

Mum and Baby – Pre and Post Pregnancy support

Support through your pregnancy with aromatherapy, breathwork, skincare and deep relaxation techniques.   Womb Yoga for fertility and postnatal.

‘The Skin Magician’ –  Nalini’s organic calendula oil is a natural way to heal nappy rash, cracked nipples and itchy skin.  A few drops in the bath will keep your baby’s skin healthy too.  Contact Nalini to order.

Gorgeous calendula – Mamma Nature’s best skin-healer
  • Pre-birth anxiety and stress
  • Anti-Stretch marks and skincare
  • Essential self-care techniques
  • Deep restorative relaxation
  • Lumbar pain
  • Breast and milk production problems
  • Caesarean birth – healing through ScarWork
  • Postnatal depression
  • Skin problems Mum and Baby (nappy rash, cracked nipples etc)
  • Breath work and relaxation techniques, before, during and after birth
  • Miscarriage or termination

…or a session can simply be a safe space to deeply relax, voice your feelings and have time out with holistic therapies.

Nalini also holds space for acknowledging and integrating the difficult, and often underestimated loss of a pregnancy through either a miscarriage or a termination.

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Nalini’s testimony to her trainer, Alexandra Pope – cofounder of Red School 

This work has, and continues, to influence my life at the deepest level and I thank you for, and honour you for this amazing gift that you have given, to me, to so many others.  As you know, my own entrance at the door of menopause was pretty dramatic, and I can honestly say that without the understanding I had from practicing cycle awareness and of the menopause rite of passage, I don’t think I would have got through it. Doing the training was one of the best decisions of my life and I wanted you to know that.

Alexandra’s testimony to Nalini

I can’t tell you how lovely it was to read how powerful the training has been for you. And even more importantly that you are in a radically different place today. It really sounds like you have worked that menopause passage with such enormous grace. I feel privileged to have  been  ‘with’ you so to speak – to have known something of your inside story. It was a huge transition that you had to make and you have stayed so true to your deep self. You will have something so very precious to offer women. You’ll be such a clean container for them to make sense of their own menopause journey.

“I have had awesome support from some awesome women (and men) during challenging times and am happy to be able to give back and hold space for others to heal and move forward in their lives. ” Nalini

Please contact her if you would like more information or to book an appointment.