Retreats with Nalini

Meditation Retreats, Women’s Retreats – relax, reflect, let go….

Women’s Well-being Weekend Retreat – Sedgwick Park House

an exploration of body, mind and soul……

Yummy, scrummy, delicious, sumptious time away for me me me?  Oh go on then!

Next dates will be for May 2019, to be confirmed shortly.

with Michelle Nalini Deane and Sarah Dover-McCarthy

Immersed in nature, Sedgewick Park House with its beautiful woodland and gardens is the ideal setting to relax, let go, and rejuvenate. With a little quietness and nature all around us, things just start to unwind….

This will be a rare combination of both Nalini’s and Sarah’s expertise for the ultimate exploration of movement, meditative practices, nourishment and deep self-care. The retreat is open to anyone who wants some delicious time out in a friendly and fun down to earth environment with like-minded people. You will come away with some great tools to use in daily life too, along with handouts and packs from the sessions. And breathing a little slower and feelin

Women’s Retreats….surrender into ‘being’

Yummy, scrummy, delicious, sumptious time away for me me me?  Oh go on then!

Be REALLY kind to yourself and dedicate a few days to your well-being.  Learn new life skills, meet some lovely people, discover your innermost desires and wishes, beliefs and truths. Find ways to bring them into being through yoga, meditation, nature, fun, dance, peace, bliss, truth, laughter, tears, honouring and just having the space to be.

Each retreat will have a theme and include yoga and yoga nidra, meditation, dance therapy (for the brave- not compulsory), journalling and being out in nature (weather permitting).  Every retreat will conclude beautifully with a life-affirming ritual that will stay with you as you step back into everyday life.

“Ritual is the fine art of taking a break.  Pausing on this trodden path of everyday life, we give ourselves time to see where we are walking.  We delay our journey to gaze around, to contemplate, peruse and confirm our direction, to realize the extraordinary beauty and potential of the world around us”   Emma Restall Orr

Nalini has a heart-felt passion for working with women and inspiring them to honour themselves and step into their true feminine power.

“Time out to return to your ‘self’ gives us what we need to be able to handle everyday life and commitments with an attitude of joy as opposed to duty.  It is non-negotiable!  It makes us better partners, mothers, daughters, colleagues etc.  And brings us home to the Self that is none of these roles and can only be touched and known in stillness. Retreat time is magic!  It’s deep, it’s fun, it’s bliss, it’s revealing, it’s relaxing, it’s focusing, it’s surprising, it’s calming, it’s heavenly, it’s honouring, it’s nurturing, it’s ….. well, what more can I say!”

Nalini offers sacred space, both during her treatment sessions and during workshops and retreats.