New Year, New Beginnings

As we enter into the new year and decade, taking a little time out to slow down and ask ourselves what it is we really desire in our lives, can be truly evocative and inspirational.

Often, we don’t slow down enough to ponder the direction our life path is taking us, and whether it’s heading in the direction we truly desire.  Pausing, breathing, musing, we can relax into being instead of doing, and from this space, intuition, ideas and ‘knowing’ often show up!

On this three hour workshop, we will create safe and sacred space together, have fun, inspire each other, and have time to ponder where our lives are heading.  What would we love to do that we aren’t doing?  Is there something we could do with not dragging into 2020 that will free our energy for our heart’s desires?  Do we take enough time for ourselves?  Do we have fun and laughter in our lives?  Who do we want to spend more time with?  A few journaling questions opens us up to think with the heart and not the head.

It’s always so inspiring when a group of women come together to inspire and support each other, and as with all our Dancemantra events, we’ll have a fab time and come away feeling relaxed and revitalised!  Hope you can join us.  And truly wishing for a peaceful year for us all.

Love Nalini x



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