Dance Mantra in Horsham, West Sussex

Dancemantra Dance Collective – regular workshops in Horsham and Handcross

Sacred Space for Women to Share and Express

When Kathryn Premshakti Varley’s initiative to share the holding of space for healing dance came into being, I was delighted to join her in this venture.  Since Dancemantra started in  2017, it has spontaneously developed into a sacred space where women come to share, be supported, and dance together to weave the rich tapestry of their lives into expression.

Conscious dance is a deeply healing and freeing experience.  All that is needed is to be present to how you are feeling, and let it flow from your heart through your dance.  There is a trust and openness that happens when women come together to support each other, and that is what Dancemantra offers.  (Nalini)

Both Kathryn and Nalini are experienced in holding sacred space and these sessions bring much joy and laughter.  Their embodied yoga practices add a richness to the workshops, and often a deeply relaxing yoga nidra will complete the experience.  There’s nothing else quite like it….

Healing, Therapeutic Dance…

The body knows how to move, to express, to let go and release whatever is needed.  Conscious dance is about authentic expression and freedom of movement in a safe environment, and touching our inner joy.  It’s deep, it’s fun, it’s transformative.  Touching in with the elements, the chakras, our Selves and our Mamma Earth, dancing consciously loosens old ways of being and brings us home to ourselves.

Dance Events in Horsham and Handcross, West Sussex for 2020

New Year – New Beginnings – Women’s Workshop

Sunday 19th January 10.30 – 13.30 Handcross Parish Hall near Horsham

Dance of Awareness – Yoga Nidra – Feminine Essence

Burn away the dross

Expressing our aspirations for the New Year through dance and gentle yoga. Connecting with our heart energy, the earth, the elements, the chakras and the world around us…

Visioning and dreaming into our heartfelt intentions through journaling, candles, flowers…relaxing into a deliciously nourishing session of Yoga Nidra and closing with a life-affirming ritual to light up our year. Ritual is a way of taking a pause on our life path to see more clearly where we are at and where we are heading..and to let go of what no longer serves. We will work with fire to burn away what needs to go to make space for the new to enter.

Moon is waning, the perfect time for letting go of what no longer serves as we move into New Beginnings.


Gently honouring our femininity through dance, yoga and ritual, feeling our connection with ourselves, each other and the nourishing Divine Mother energy of our earth. Precious time-out for us to rest, relax and restore.

£35 Book here with Paypal

Bring a blanket, cushion, mat and warm socks. And a journal if you have one (paper and pens, candles etc will be provided though) x (space limited to 12 so please book early as  this sold out last year)

Dancing in the Body of Light with Kathryn

Sunday 15th March – 10.30 – 13.30

Venue – Tythe Barn, Horsham, RH12 5JF

Exploring our Body of Light.  This is the meditation in the dance.  It comes true grace, all by itself, so there is nothing to do or to get right it is all about being like a child, being yourself.  Dare to be who you really are and let the light into your heart in this extraordinary 3hr workshop.

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Dancing Heart – Dance of Awareness & Yoga Nidra with Nalini

Sunday 7th June 10.30am – 12.30pm

Handcross Parish Hall, High Street, Handcross, RH17 6BJ

Giving permission to the heart to be heard as we dance through a wave of inspiring music, letting the heart lead us where it will.

Dance of Awareness holds you in a safe space where you can express, relax and release, have fun and shake it all out!

Concluding with a gorgeously relaxing session of yoga nidra to integrate your experience and ease into a state of simply being.

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£20 in advance, £25 on the door

Dance the Seasons of Your Life with Kathryn

9th August 10.30 – 13.30

Venue – Tythe Barn, Horsham, RH12 5JF

In this three hour Yoga Dance workshop we will work with music, movement and breath to connect to the earth and take time to enquire into what we feel about each season that affects not just our physical body but also our happiness, health and wellbeing.  A dance to Pure Being!

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Right Here, Right Now! – Dance of Awareness and Yoga Nidra with Nalini

Sunday 11th October – 10.30am – 12.3opm

Handcross Parish Hall, High Street, Handcross, RH17 6BJ

The present moment is the only moment we have, and when we can let go of the past and the future to be here now, life takes on new meaning.

Dancing is a doorway to the present and this workshop will ease you into the moment with joy, awareness and a sense of being truly alive!  Dance of Awareness invites us to move through old imprints and move into our authenticity as it is right now.

The usual mix of safe space, great music and a lot of fun.

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£20 in advance, £25 on the door.

Rainbow Warrior Chakra Dance – with Kathryn

Sunday 6th December 10.30am – 12.30pm

Tythe Barn, Pondtail Road, Horsham RH12 5JF

Your heart is the rhythm of your dance. An invitation for any body willing to have fun, enjoy moving to music. We will be opening to our Rainbow Warrior as we travel thru the energy centres of our Being, our own energetic system composed of wheels of light or energy, the Chakras.

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‘What is ‘Dance of Awareness’ ?

Dance of Awareness is a free-flow approach to dance, movement and consciousness in which we feel our connection to ourselves, the earth and the world around us. When we move and dance with awareness, we experience our authenticity, our heartfelt desires and release places where we may have become stuck in patterns or habits that no longer serve us. Feeling into the body and allowing the mind to rest brings us into our felt sense from where we can touch our innate wisdom and joy.

The Dance of Awareness cycle embraces our developmental years through a ‘wave’ of movement and energy, inviting us to move through old imprints into new ways of being.   We dance to explore, express, release and connect, and to come home to ourselves.  We dance slowly, wildly, controlled or free – whatever feels right!  We touch our chakras, the elements of earth, air fire, water and ether, and our joy as we engage in free-flow dance -it’s a healing and integrative practice that bring us deeply in touch with ourselves.

Come and join our growing community and experience this lovely way of moving and self-discovery

“I rediscovered dance while living in  Italy when I started attending 5 Rhythms workshops and was delighted to find a way of dancing that fits in with who I am.   Conscious dance opens me up to my Self in a way that nothing else does, giving me permission to express and to delight in who I am without judgments and conditioning getting in the way.  It is a joy to dance with others who are open, curious and willing to experiment.  Love it!  Discovering Dance of Awareness and taking the training was amazing! Nalini x

“If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig deep down into that body of yours and let your soul howl. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that if you turn off your head, your feet will take you where you need to go”.  Gabrielle Roth

“I did one of Nalini’s Dancemantra classes. I was apprehensive but curious beforehand. Nalini creates such a safe and relaxing atmosphere that I found the session to be a freeing and therapeutic experience. In fact I felt like I’d danced my heart out, had a therapy session and done a relaxation class by the end. I highly recommend it”! (Sarah Littleford, Pilates Instructor)