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womens workshopsYoga classes and wellness workshops in Horsham, Haywards Heath and Reigate

Regular Classes

Tuesday: 5.30  Women’s Wellness Yoga  – book with Total Therapy, Horsham

Wednesdays 8.15pm Relaxing Yoga and Yoga Nidra at Linear Fitness starting 6th Nov

Fridays: 7.15am Rise and Shine Yoga -book with Linear Fitness Haywards Heath

Friday:  6pm  Nourishing Yoga and Nidra – book with Total Therapy, Horsham

Workshops 2019

Saturday 26th Oct
10.30 - 1pm
Yoga for Menopause Workshop
Yogaananda Reigate
Saturday 9th Nov
2pm - 5pm
Women's Wellness Workshop
Saturday 30th Nov
10am - 5pm
Winter Meditation Day Retreat
Sunday 8th Dec
10.30 -12.30
book with Kathryn
Sunday 19th Jan 2020
10.30 - 13.30
New Year, New Beginnings
Women's Workshop and Ritual, Handcross (nr Horsham)

Workshop Details and Booking:


Peri and Menopause Yoga Masterclass

Saturday 26th October 10.30 – 1pm Yoga Ananda Reigate

Come and get inspired on how to navigate this empowering journey and ease symptoms naturally.

Workshop includes:

Yoga practices to ease symptoms and nourish joints

  • Breath work to cool things down
  • Managing overwhelming emotions
  • Educational info including healing herbs, self-help techniques
  • Restful  Yoga Nidra to ease you into a place of peaceful being

Nalini’s experience as a coach on menstrual and menopause wellbeing, and Women’s Wellness Yoga and Meditation teacher will guide you in an inspiring and informative class. For all women in perimenopause, menopause or for any woman who is interested.

£30 – book here with Paypal

Space limited to 12

Women’s Well-being Workshop

Gentle yoga and natural solutions for the common symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and stress and anxiety

An informative and relaxing afternoon yoga and educational workshop

Saturday 9th Nov 2pm – 5pm, Horsham

Workshop includes:

  • Gentle yoga to nourish joints and aid sleep
  • Tips and practices for good self-care
  • Cooling it down with breathing techniques
  • Educational info on healing herbs and other natural methods
  • Relaxing sessions of Yoga Nidra to rest the body and soothe the mind

Nalini’s own experience with the menopause journey, and supporting other women through theirs, brings inspiration and fun to the workshop.  For any woman who is interested in natural solutions for her well-being or wants to know more about menopause.

Read more about menopause on the blog here

£45 – book with Total Therapy here

Winter Meditation Retreat Day

The Alternative Christmas – the gift of inner peace

Saturday 30th November 10am – 4pm

A day of quietness and calm. Meditation – Yoga Nidra – Reflection -Journaling

The wheel of the season turns and we arrive at deep mid-winter…time of glittering ground and misty sighs as the earth enters her deepest state of slumber and rest, getting ready for renewal and rebirth. So, what’s in it for us?? Well, rest and renewal of course!

Spaces limited to 10 – book early if you would like to come

This magical time of year offers us the possibility to follow Mamma Nature’s superb wisdom and slooooow right down and turn inwards a little. Taking a day to ourselves, to meditate, reflect, journal and just breathe…is a balm to body, mind and spirit. Taking time out of everyday life to retreat from the world and its demands gives us the chance to see where the path of life is taking us,to ponder, dream and deeply rest. Connecting with our hearts and souls and easing into being instead of doing.

The day will include meditations, chanting, Yoga Nidra, a delve into the true meaning of Christmas, reflection, a period of silence and a life-affirming candlelit ritual to conclude (along with mince pies of course!)  Held in the temple room at Yoga Ananda in Reigate which will be alight with candles and warmth.

Beat the stress of Christmas and give yourself a day of precious peacefulness and time out.

Refreshments provided, bring your own lunch. Eating lightly is recommended during meditation retreats.

£65 advance booking only.   Bring cosy socks, notebook, cushions and blankets.

Book here with Paypal

Nalini will guide the day gently, leaving you time for yourself between meditations and Yoga Nidra to retreat in your own way.

Workshops 2020

New Year – New Beginnings – Women’s Workshop

Sunday 19th January 10.30 – 13.30 Handcross Parish Hall near Horsham

Dance of Awareness – Yoga Nidra – Feminine Essence

Burn away the dross

Expressing our aspirations for the New Year through dance and gentle yoga. Connecting with our heart energy, the earth, the elements, the chakras and the world around us…

Visioning and dreaming into our heartfelt intentions through journaling, candles, flowers…relaxing into a deliciously nourishing session of Yoga Nidra and closing with a life-affirming ritual to light up our year. Ritual is a way of taking a pause on our life path to see more clearly where we are at and where we are heading..and to let go of what no longer serves. We will work with fire to burn away what needs to go to make space for the new to enter.

Moon is waning, the perfect time for letting go of what no longer serves as we move into New Beginnings.


Gently honouring our femininity through dance, yoga and ritual, feeling our connection with ourselves, each other and the nourishing Divine Mother energy of our earth. Precious time-out for us to rest, relax and restore.

£35 Book here with Paypal

Bring a blanket, cushion, mat and warm socks. And a journal if you have one (paper and pens, candles etc will be provided though) x (space limited to 12 so please book early as this sold out last year)

‘Practical Magic’ – Herbs Workshop

Dates for 2020:

Sunday 21st June, Sunday 4th July, Thursday 23rd July, Wednesday 9th Sept, Monday 5th Oct

Each workshop will have a different focus this year, including facial skincare, seasonal remedies, and a workshop for kids too.  Full details will follow shortly.

Prairie Garden

Sussex Prairies, Morland Farm, Henfield

Practical Magic Herb Course

On this inspirational workshop, Nalini will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, this workshop will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Nalini has her own line of natural products, cultivating some of ingredients for them in her own garden. She loves running these delicious workshops and sharing her passion and knowledge – a day filled with wisdom, fun and…well, a little bit of magic of course!

All materials supplied and you will go home with your own hand-made products…and a whole heap of useful info you can use at home. The gardens are glorious so this really isn’t to be missed!

Ananda Weekend Meditation Nature Retreat

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th May 2020

A Hidden Gem – The Abbey, Oxfordshire

The Abbey Retreat Centre, Oxfordshire

A weekend of meditation, nature and silence periods led by Nalini and Leon Deith .  A relaxing and inspiring weekend which includes morning and evening meditations, satsang and kirtan.

This is our third retreat and we welcome anyone who is interested in meditation and the teachings of Kriya Yoga who would like to take a weekend out to nourish the soul and have some peaceful, quiet time and inspiring time with other like-minded people.

Please contact me for more details or to book.


“I have participated on a variety of Nalini’s workshops and courses and loved them all! I could go as far as saying they have transformed my outlook on life: The herbal workshops have reconnected me to nature and opened my eyes to the chemicals in commercial products; her yoga and nidra have been the tonic to a fast paced life.  However, Nalini has been much more then a teacher- I would definitely describe her as a life coach for women’s wellness! Thank you Nalini- look forward to another workshop”! (Vicki Fitzpatrick)