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womens workshopsYoga classes and wellness workshops in Horsham, Haywards Heath and Reigate

Regular Classes

Tuesday: 5.30  Women’s Wellness Yoga  – book with Total Therapy, Horsham

Tuesday 7.15pm Yoga and Relaxation (Nidra) for all – book with Cottesmore, Horsham

Wednesdays 8pm Women’s Wellness Yoga and Nidra – book with Linear Fitness Haywards Heath (starting 6th Nov)

Friday:  6pm  Nourishing Yoga and Nidra – book with Total Therapy, Horsham

Workshops 2019 and Jan 2020 – scroll for full details

Next Workshop – Rest and Restore Yoga Nidra and Meditation 14th Dec Haywards Heath, click here for info

Sunday 8th Dec
10.30 -12.30
Dancemantra - Yoga Dance with Kathryn
book with Kathryn
Saturday 14th Dec
3pm - 5pm
Rest and Restore
Meditation and Nidra Workshop
Haywards Heath
Sunday 22nd Dec
10am- 1pm
Ananda Christmas Meditation and Satsang
Yoga Ananda Reigate
Sunday 5th Jan
1pm - 4pm
New Year Yoga and Ritual Women's Workshop
Yoga Ananda, Reigate
Sunday 19th Jan 2020
10.30 - 13.30
New Year, New Beginnings
Women's Workshop and Ritual, Handcross (nr Horsham)

Workshop Details and Booking:

Rest and Restore – Meditation and Yoga  Nidra Workshop

✨ Sunday 14th December 3pm – 5pm ✨

Linear Fitness, Mill House, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath

This magical time of year offers us the possibility to follow Mamma Nature’s superb wisdom and slooooow right down and turn inwards a little. Taking time for ourselves, to meditate, reflect and enter deep relaxation with yoga nidra …is a balm to body, mind and spirit.
Connecting with our hearts and souls and easing into being instead of doing – just what’s needed at this busy time of year.

✨Workshop includes:
​ – Gorgeously relaxing Yoga Nidra
​- Meditation lesson and practice
​- A period of reflection and journaling
​- Tea and mince pies of course!

Ease into a sublime afternoon of deeply nourishing practices and melt into a state of deep rest and rejuvenation – full permission given!
We do too much and when we don’t take time to rest and restore, we diminish our energy, creativity and mind power. We often run on low batteries and continue anyway, believing we need to keep going to get everything done. The good news is that taking periods of deep rest and relaxation actually make us much more productive, creative and happy! Yayy! So come along and be good to yourself and have a well-needed boost to your energy levels, relax your nervous system and let it all go… go on, you know you want to!

Book here with Paypal

Christmas Meditation, Satsang….and mince pies!

Sunday 22nd December 10am – 1pm and lunch together after

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, Reigate, Surrey

Alternative Christmas

A morning of quietness and calm to enter into the Christmas period inspired and uplifted.

Following in the tradition set by Paramhansa Yogananda of a long meditation to celebrate Christmas, we are offering a shorter version (his were 8 hours).  The three hours will be a mix of meditation periods, chanting and readings.  For anyone who would love to meditate with us.

Bring a simple vegetarian dish to share afterwards as we will conclude with satsang and lunch.

Please email me at to book your place.  This event is by donation and will go to a local charity.

You can also book through Yoga Ananda directly here

Workshops 2020

New Year – New Beginnings – Women’s Workshops

Dance of Awareness – Yoga Nidra – Feminine Essence – Ritual

Sunday 5th January – 1pm – 4pm Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, Reigate

Sunday 19th January 10.30 – 13.30 Handcross Parish Hall near Horsham

Burn away the dross

Expressing our aspirations for the New Year through dance and gentle yoga. Connecting with our heart energy, the earth, the elements, the chakras and the world around us…

Visioning and dreaming into our heartfelt intentions through journaling, candles, flowers…relaxing into a deliciously nourishing session of Yoga Nidra and closing with a life-affirming ritual to light up our year. Ritual is a way of taking a pause on our life path to see more clearly where we are at and where we are heading..and to let go of what no longer serves. We will work with fire to burn away what needs to go to make space for the new to enter.

Moon is waning, the perfect time for letting go of what no longer serves as we move into New Beginnings.


Gently honouring our femininity through dance, yoga and ritual, feeling our connection with ourselves, each other and the nourishing Divine Mother energy of our earth. Precious time-out for us to rest, relax and restore.

New Year 2018 workshop

£35 investment – book here with Paypal for 5th January

£35 investment – book here with Paypal for 19th January 

Bring a blanket, cushion, mat and warm socks. And a journal if you have one (paper and pens, candles etc will be provided though) x (space limited to 12 so please book early as this sold out last year)

Ananda Weekend Meditation Nature Retreat

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th May 2020

 The Abbey, Oxfordshire

The Abbey Retreat Centre, Oxfordshire

A weekend of meditation, nature and periods of silence. Led by Nalini and Leon Deith .  A relaxing and inspiring weekend which includes morning and evening meditations, satsang and kirtan.

This is our third retreat and we welcome anyone who is interested in meditation and the teachings of Kriya Yoga who would like to take a weekend out to nourish the soul and have some peaceful, quiet time time with other like-minded people.

Please contact me for more details or to book.


‘Practical Magic’ – Herbs Workshop 2020

Sunday 21st June, Saturday 4th July, Thursday 23rd July, Wednesday 9th Sept, Monday 5th Oct

Each workshop will have a different focus this year, including facial skincare, seasonal remedies, and a workshop for kids too.  Scroll down to find more info on each workshop.

On these inspirational workshops, Nalini will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, these workshops will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, skincare, aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Please book early as all workshops sold out last year.

Prairie Garden

Sussex Prairies, Morland Farm, Henfield

Practical Magic – Summer Solstice Herb Workshop

Sunday 21st June 10.30 – 2pm

Practical Magic Herb Course

Summer is at its height now and days are long and languid.  Nature is at her best and it’s a great time to get stuck into herbs for summer first aid, aromatherapy to cool things down and make some great remedies.  We will focus on cooling body lotions, protective lip balms and summer facial products

It’s summer solstice – so a little bit of magic included to mark the longest day of the year.

Book here with Paypal

£55 investment including all materials

Herbylicious Potions and Meditative Moments

Saturday 4th July 10.30am – 2pm

This is such a great time of year to identify plants and herbs and whip up a little magic!  Workshop includes meditative walks in the gorgeous gardens, identifying healing herbs, and making some products of course!  We will focus on herbs for salads and well-being, sun-soothing body care and using herbs and essential oils for nourishing skin oils.

Book here with Paypal

£55 investment including all materials

Herbs and Nature Workshop for Kids

Thursday 23rd July – 10.30am – 1.30pm

Having worked with kids on these workshops, it’s always a joy to watch how they light up when immersed in nature, and start to learn the wonder of healing plants.  Armed with some scissors, glue and a big piece of card, they will make a collage of herbs and plants and learn loads of stuff that gets them really inspired!

We will get stuck into making a couple of products that they can proudly bring home to share with you, and maybe they will teach you a thing or two too!

I ran these whilst living in Italy with great success and am delighted to start offering them this year at Prairies. 

Book here with Paypal

£50 investment including all materials

Practical Magic –  Herbs and Aromatherapy for Facial Skincare

Wednesday 9th September – 10.30am – 1.30pm

All the workshops have a different theme this year and can be done as part of a continuing course, or individually too. 

In this workshop, we will be really focussing on facial products and skincare and you will go home with some nourishing, natural products and the know-how to continue making your own at home. Aromatherapy and vegetable oils have everything we need for an excellent facial skincare routine and are kind to your skin and to the earth.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on products that claim to be natural, many of which have a lot of unnatural, nasty ingredients in them.

There will be time for a walking meditation in the gorgeous gardens, and sharing of how simple it is to bring meditation into our lives, however busy we are.

Book here with Paypal

Investment £50 – all materials included

Practical Magic Herbs Workshop – Herbal Winter Healers

Monday 5th October  – 10.30am – 1.30pm £50 all materials included

As we head towards winter, come and make some natural remedies to keep your immune system healthy, and make some products to beat the winter blues if they do make an appearance!

On this inspirational workshop, Nalini will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, this workshop will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Nature has a great pharmacy that we can utilise and we’ll make some lovely products including a ‘breathe’ eucalyptus vapour-rub, a protective and healing lip balm and a natural cough syrup that also boosts immunity.  You will receive loads of info and recipes that you can take home with you to make lots of great products at home, and maybe make your own Christmas presents too!

As always, a meditative element will be included and moments of peacefulness and inner calm form part of this inspiring morning.

Book here with Paypal

Investment £50 all materials included

“I have participated on a variety of Nalini’s workshops and courses and loved them all! I could go as far as saying they have transformed my outlook on life: The herbal workshops have reconnected me to nature and opened my eyes to the chemicals in commercial products; her yoga and nidra have been the tonic to a fast paced life.  However, Nalini has been much more then a teacher- I would definitely describe her as a life coach for women’s wellness! Thank you Nalini- look forward to another workshop”! (Vicki Fitzpatrick)atri