New Year, New Beginnings

As we enter into the new year and decade, taking a little time out to slow down and ask ourselves what it is we really desire in our lives, can be truly evocative and inspirational.

Often, we don’t slow down enough to ponder the direction our life path is taking us, and whether it’s heading in the direction we truly desire.  Pausing, breathing, musing, we can relax into being instead of doing, and from this space, intuition, ideas and ‘knowing’ often show up!

On this three hour workshop, we will create safe and sacred space together, have fun, inspire each other, and have time to ponder where our lives are heading.  What would we love to do that we aren’t doing?  Is there something we could do with not dragging into 2020 that will free our energy for our heart’s desires?  Do we take enough time for ourselves?  Do we have fun and laughter in our lives?  Who do we want to spend more time with?  A few journaling questions opens us up to think with the heart and not the head.

It’s always so inspiring when a group of women come together to inspire and support each other, and as with all our Dancemantra events, we’ll have a fab time and come away feeling relaxed and revitalised!  Hope you can join us.  And truly wishing for a peaceful year for us all.

Love Nalini x



Partnering with Your Menstrual Cycle for Health and and Happiness

Our Menstrual Cycle is our Tool for Life!

Loving Your Menstrual Cycle Workshop -Sunday 24th November 10am – 2pm in Horsham, click here for more info and bookings


When we really learn about our cycle and how to work with it as an ally, life changes for the better!  We change as we go through the month, and our abilities change too.  Once we know what is happening, we start to live our lives differently, and really importantly, stop giving ourselves a hard time!  If we try mental planning on day 26 for example, we are doomed for failure – and to make matters worse, our self-esteem is knocked sideways!  Once we realise that the best mental planning times are in the first half of our cycle, we start being a bit kinder to ourselves.

The second half of the cycle is full of creativity, intuition and clarity – but it’s not the time to put that into action!  Difficult conversations are good in the first half of the month, and we feel much more social then too.  So when we really don’t feel like partying or chatting at certain times, rather than beating ourselves up, we know why we feel like that and can follow the rhythms our cycle has been trying to teach us for years!  Peace and healing are the results.  Include empowerment with that!

These are just a few examples of how working with, and not against, our cycle can really empower us.  Healing takes place as PMT, pain and stress drop away.  I speak from experience and can say honestly that working with my own cycle changed my life radically!

On this inspiring workshop, you will fall in love with your cycle as you see the absolute wisdom it contains.  Gentle yoga and nidra too to ease away tension.

If I could teach women one thing, it would be this work; our cycle is our best friend when we acknowledge it and step into how it shows us, very simply, how to live our lives.  Women were honoured many moons ago for the blood mysteries, and we are slowly waking up again to the absolute perfection of the wisdom in the cycle.

Hope you will come and join me for a life-changing workshop this Sunday!

Loving Your Menstrual Cycle Workshop -Sunday 24th November 10am – 2pm in Horsham, click here for more info and bookings

Halloween Blessings and News

Halloween Doorstep Altar

Halloween (Samhain) Blessings and Honouring our Ancestors

Halloween has become ghoulish in the Western world, but traditionally, is an important festival in the Celtic year.

We are half -way now between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice and the final harvest has been completed.  Samhain celebrates the harvest, and is also the point of the year where the veil between worlds in the thinnest. Traditionally, this is the festival where we honour our ancestors.  Lighting candles and saying a prayer for them is a simple way for us to connect with them and honour them.

Loving the colours of Halloween, and had to create a doorstep altar of course!  The Autumn colours are really starting to emerge now and it’s joyful to be in the country lanes, especially when the sun is out, and see the myriad of colours on display – nature at her best for me!

Many workshops coming up and I hope you will join me.  I am covering menstrual health, menopause and a lovely December two hour class on Yoga Nidra and Meditation to bring some calmness into the crazy Christmas period.

New Year and New Beginnings workshops too.  These are a lovely mix of yoga, dance, ritual and a gathering of like-minded women who want to honour the year gone past and the year to  come.  Last year was full and we had a gorgeous ritual to finish.  This year fire is our ritual and we’ll burn away the old to make way for the new to come in.

All workshop info here

Have a blessed Halloween and lead up to the shortest day at Winter Solstice – the day after we are into the light half of the year already!

Nalini x


Sat 9th Nov – Women’s Wellness (Yoga and Menopause)

Sun 24th Nov – Loving Your Menstrual Cycle

Saturday 14th Dec – Meditation and Yoga Nidra 2 hour class

Sunday 22nd Dec – Christmas Meditation and Satsang

Sunday 5th Jan – New Year New Beginnings Women’s Workshop

Sunday 19th Jan – Dance of Awareness New Beginnings Workshop

Gratitude and the Arrival of Autumn

Autumn Equinox – candles and conkers

The wheel of the year turns and we arrive at Autumn Equinox – and the weather turns at that exact moment!  Still warm though as we start to crunch leaves underfoot.

Autumn Equinox signifies gratitude, for the harvest of the land, and also for the things we appreciate in our own lives… family and friends, warm days, nature, that we can choose what food we eat…there are so many things in our lives that we often take for granted.  Starting a gratitude journal and jotting down three things daily starts to have a really positive effect on our psyche and our lives, definitely worth giving it a go!

Autumn Equinox Yoga

So as we ease into Autumn, loving the seasons as I do, we had a heart-warming yoga class Friday evening.  Very little yoga actually happened as it goes, we were busy making an Equinox mandala and chatting.  A lovely Autumn yoga nidra was included though – time for deep rest and relaxation.  The best tool I know for women who do too much…like most of us!

I have run a few Practical Magic herb workshops this year, sharing knowledge on how to work with wild plants and herbs and how to make natural skincare products – they have been sold out and I am so delighted that many of us want to return to the ancient knowledge we once had.  Big thanks to Sussex Prairies for hosting me, and if you haven’t been there, it is absolutely worth a visit.  Their last weekend is next weekend and then they will reopen in June.  They also happen to have the best home-made cake by the way!  I will be running workshops there again next year so keep an eye on the calendar.

Practical Magic Herb Course

My biggest challenge at present is getting up early to teach a Rise and Shine 7.15am yoga class in Haywards Heath Friday mornings – quite proud of myself for rolling out of bed and getting there!  But I have to say, the energy is so still at that time of the morning, I am actually enjoying getting up at dawn!

Lots of things happening in the next few months, full details on the events page of my website.

I am in the process of changing my website so bear with me, it changes daily at the moment!

I am also working on a brand-new range of natural skincare and am very excited about it!  Watch this space!

Blessings and I hope the Autumn is a great time for you.  Really looking forward to the change of the colours as the trees turn, a trip to Sheffield Park on the horizon!

Nalini x

Upcoming events for the rest of the year include the following:

Sunday 6th Oct
2pm – 5pm
Wild Yoga Herbs and Nidra Workshop
Sunday 13th Oct
10.30 -12.20
‘Autumn Expression’
Dance and Nidra
Saturday 26th Oct
10.30 – 1pm
Yoga for Menopause Workshop
Yogaananda Reigate
Saturday 9th Nov
2pm – 5pm
Peri and Menopause Workshop
Saturday 30th Nov
10am – 5pm
Winter Meditation Day Retreat

Women on Fire! Inspirational Menopause…..are you ready?

Finding Voice

The Initiatory Journey of Menopause – awakening our fire!

It’s both an ending and a beginning……

Menopause brings with it new clarity and creativity, and a letting go of the things that hold us back from being the fullest expression of ourselves.  It can arrive like an earthquake, or ease in gently!  And arrive it will!  But know that with it comes liberation and new life.  Many women make important changes in their lives at this transition, finding a deeper happiness and fulfilment than ever before.  They become true to themselves.

For me, menopause is for sure a change, but a change that brings many rewards, and gives permission to say ‘YES!’ to ourselves, possibly for the first time in our lives. So hang on to your hat (and they may get funkier as you get wiser!)  and get ready; this is our time!  Menopause is first and foremost about honouring our own deepest needs, time to look at the things we have put aside and discover who we truly are.  A relinquishing of the drive to ‘accomplish’ and in its place, a passion slowly awakens for a new way of being, both in our bodies and souls, and in the world we inhabit.  We don’t lose our passion, it is simply channelled in a deeply rooted, more nourishing way.

This is the time when rest and renewal are non-negotiable.  To down tools and reflect on our lives and the direction we want to take.  It’s exciting!  Change indeed is on the horizon, and oh how joyous to take quiet times, reflective time, time with other woman going through the transition, and get to know ourselves a bit better.   And the quiet times reward us with renewed energy for the things that REALLY matter to us.

When we delve into the deeper mysteries of the menopause journey, much resistance falls away…. and as a result, many of the ‘symptoms’ fall away too.  And just maybe – those hot flushes are to set us on fire in a positive way!

Come along and learn more at inspiring afternoon workshops for women in peri-menopause or menopause, or indeed for any woman that wants to know herself better and prepare well for the journey.  There is nothing like a supportive group of women all on the same track to inspire, heal and bring joy and laughter to the experience.  You will gain support, understanding, tools and techniques.  Gentle and nourishing women’s yoga and enjoy a session of sublime relaxation to send you off home relaxed and at ease.

Saturday 27th April and Saturday 9th November (Horsham)

Reigate date to be added soon

More info and bookings here

All blessings Nalini x

Healing herbs, yoga and women’s wellness

Rhythms of Life Workshop Sunday 3rd March

Nourishing yoga especially for women.  Exploring the rhythms of women’s lives, practicing some lovely, gentle yoga and nidra, and delving a little into how nature is encoded in our bodies.  Practices that support women during menstruation, menopause, pre and post pregnancy, a softer approach that honours women’s bodies and minds. Full details and bookings here

Spring is in the air!  Gorgeously misty mornings this week with the sun breaking through and warming the bones, feels sooo good!   The birds are busy busy and huge bumblebees out and about checking out my garden….Daphne is in flower with its heady jasmine-like scent, hellibores and snowdrops everywhere and new life really stirring now.  Lighter evenings always amaze me when they start happening, despite the fact that it happens every year!  The way the seasons and the light changes always brings such delight and awe.  Means the juicer needs to come out now so I can shift the mince pies off my middle!  What is it about winter that makes carbs and cakes so attractive?!

Prairie Garden
Prairies Workshop Space

Lots happening this year, there’s a great mix including lots of women’s workshops (two dedicated to menopause), dance and of course my witchy herby workshops where you can come and learn some ‘practical magic’ about the healing properties of herbs and wild plants and make some luscious natural products for body and soul while you are at it.

New women’s wellness yoga class has just started in Horsham, Tuesdays at 5.30 too – really gentle and healing yoga and relaxation, yummy!

Full list of events can be found on my website and these are the upcoming ones.  Please always feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about an event.  Private meditation group for the teachings of Yogananda open to those of you that really want to make meditation a part of your daily life.  I will be running this at home on a monthly basis, sharing the key meditation practices that bring calm and joy into our lives.

Spring newsletter on its way once Equinox arrives, full of tips for using all those wild plants and herbs to help bring some new energy into both body and mind! Enjoy this glorious sunshine! All blessings Nalini xx

Sunday 3rd March
10.30 – 13.30
Feminine Essence of Yoga Workshop
Total Therapy Studios Horsham
Saturday 16th March,

and 13th April 11.00 – 13.00

Nourish, Rest and Restore – Yoga for Women
Yogaananda Reigate
Sunday 17th March
10.30 -12.30
Rhythms of the Heart Dancemantra
Handcross (near Horsham)
Saturday 27th April
2pm – 5pm
Menopause – easing the journey.
Saturday 18th May
11am – 1pm
Dissolving in the Dance Dancemantra
Saturday 22nd June
10am to 2pm
Practical Magic Herbs Workshop
Sussex Praries Garden, Henfield
Saturday 13th July
2pm – 4pm
Dare to Rest!

Imbolc – mid point between winter and spring

Symbols of Hope…Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

Imbolc, time of frosty mornings and new life stirring….

Isn’t that good news?  We are at the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and moving in the right direction as nights already draw out.  And yet we are in the coldest days of the year too.  The earth is frozen tonight, but it hasn’t stopped those determined little beacons of light – snowdrops- from making their welcome appearance!  The earth is still resting, but she’s kind of having a little stretch and yawn as she contemplates putting in some hours to dedicate to the birth of the coming Spring!  She’s not quite ready to throw off her blanket of snow and get to it, but she’s certainly on the case on the quiet!

Life stirs beneath the surface, the heart of the earth is beginning to pulse with the promise of new life yet to come.  Those tender little snowdrops are a real symbol of hope, showing that anything is possible.  And Imbolc signifies new life beginning to stir in us too as we dream into our ideas and start seriously considering what it is we are going to sow in the spring.  Plants and herbs no doubt, and also our ideas and aspirations for new projects or new ways of being.

Moving towards Spring can be quite a challenging transition as the weather can be bitterly cold and icy winds seem to strip us clean of all that needs to be left behind.  So take things easy, there’s no rush.  Let ideas simmer gently now and let your imagination do the work.  Still a good excuse to indulge in hot chocolate!  Imbolc is also the festival of Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of the hearth, bringing a little welcome warmth into our hearts with her fiery nature.

Use our healing herbal allies to stay well – echinacea to boost the immune system, sage or thyme tea to soothe colds and coughs and fight infection.  Maybe you collected some rosehips from the wild rose in Autumn to make some super Vitamin C rich elixir?  Ah, well, don’t worry if you didn’t, just stick it in your diary for this Autumn.

Lots of great events going on this year, check in on the classes and events page for more details…there’s a lovely mix of stuff including new nourishing yoga and nidra classes, menopause workshops, lots of healing Dancemantra, and a Practical Magic herb workshop in June at the Sussex Prairie Gardens (first time at this new venue, it’s amazing!).  A second date is about to be added in September if you want to come make some of that magical rosehip Vitamin C stuff, here’s your chance!  Nature has so much to offer us for natural healing without having to head off to the chemist.  Nettles will be shooting up soon, perfect for making a spring detox tea.  Well, maybe not right now but it won’t be long!

Imbolc blessings

Nalini x




Honouring the Divine Feminine – New Year Workshop



Sunday 20th January 10.30 – 1.30 at Lower Beeding Village Hall near Horsham

Gentle Yoga, dance, ritual, journalling – delicious time-out

Expressing our aspirations for the New Year through dance and gentle yoga. Connecting with our heart energy, the earth, the elements, the chakras and the world around us…

Visioning and dreaming into our heartfelt intentions through journalling, candles, flowers…relaxing into a deliciously nourishing session of Yoga Nidra and closing with a life-affirming ritual to light up our year. Ritual is a way of taking a pause on our life path to see more clearly where we are at and where we are heading….just perfect for the New Year!
Moon is waxing too as we head towards the workshop and will be full on the day which is awesome – her energy will double whammy our intentions!


Gently honouring our femininity through dance, yoga and ritual, feeling our connection with ourselves, each other and the nourishing Divine Mother energy of our earth. Gracious time-out for us to rest, relax and restore.

£30 bookings can be made online at
Bring a blanket, cushion, mat and warm socks. And a journal if you have one (paper and pens, candles etc will be provided though) x

New Year – New Beginnings..

So many blessings to you all as we ease into the New Year, may it be filled with love, peace, inspiration and growth.

I had some lovely, quiet down time between Christmas and the New Year, time to reflect, rest and rejuvenate.  I realise how deeply rest is needed.  We have such busy lives and don’t always give ourselves permission to drop the ball and sink into quietness and relaxation.  I did loads of Yoga Nidra during my quiet time and feel so much better for it.  And also see how much more productive and creative I am when I give myself the down time.  It’s easy to just keep ploughing on without stopping, but is it worthwhile?  If we don’t slow down, we tend to ‘react’ to life from habitual thinking and conditioning, rather than ‘respond’.  By slowing down, we have the possibility to see where we are putting our energy and time, if we are using them wisely, and what is really important for us.  I know for me, that when I rush through life, I make mistakes, get in a muddle and end up chasing my tail.  So my intention for the year is to slow things down a bit…and I know that by doing that, I am more likely, paradoxically, to be more productive and creative!  And feel much better too.

What are your dreams and aspirations for your life this year?  Rather than setting the usual resolutions (which is too hard a word to use and usually leads to failure), how about pondering intentions instead.  Rather than setting ourselves up for failure, can we be kinder and more gentle with ourselves?  The classic of course, after all those mince pies and goodies, is to set a resolution to lose a stone or whatever it looks like.  How often have you set a resolution only to abandon it a week or so later?  How about having the intention to eat more healthily and watch the goodies, to treat ourselves to a relaxation or yoga class weekly, instead of setting a target amount to lose?  Just an example of how we can be gentle rather than hard.  Intentions are about easing into a new way of being without bashing ourselves over the head – maybe taking a moment to light a candle as you make your intention.  Candles always help me to bring some light to what it is I am easing into, and makes it a sacred moment.

Women’s Workshop – New Year, New Beginnings

Sunday 20th January 10.30am – 1.30pm

I am holding an exquisite workshop on Sunday 20th January especially for women, as a blessing for our New Year- New Beginnings.  Why not come along and align with your intentions, supporting and nourishing each other?  It is such a healing act for women to spend time with other like-minded women in a circle of sacred sisterhood, and to honour ourselves with self-nurture and support.  I do hope you will join us for this magical event.

New classes also starting this year – Nourishing Yoga and Yoga Nidra – and dedicated Women’s Wellness Yoga monthly class for mornings of deep self-care and joyful practices!  See here for more details.  I am also planning some great workshops for women which will be coming on line soon.

Whatever your year looks like, may it include some deeply nourishing practices, some self-honouring and loads of joy and laughter!  And new things to experiment with!  I am also intending to try things outside of my comfort zone this year and see where it leads…Om Shanty!

Much love

Nalini xx

Autumn Newsletter – musings and events

Autumn Newsletter – musings and events

Just loving the glorious start of Autumn, sun is shining, garden still colourful and the boots are out!  (I love summer but sooo look forward to boots season too!)

Mr B, my lovely cat, is cozying up already next to the radiator, a bit disappointed that the wood stove isn’t blazing yet!  How blessed we are to have these warm, sunny days still.  Much as I love my wood stove, I am happy not to have to lug wood around yet.

Sweeping up leaves and watching them fall gently from the branches now in the breeze – nature demonstrating for us how healthy it is to let go so that we can make space for new life to come, just as they do in the spring.  The majesty of the seasons, so much to teach us and each one has its own mystery and magic with gifts for us.

So what does Autumn hold in store for us?  Autumn is harvest festival, Halloween, the wheel of the year turning as we move into longer nights and more inward times after the fullness of summer.  What have you reaped in the harvest of your own life this year since seeding ideas in Spring?  Maybe it’s a deepening of friendships, a new job, a project underway, or simply gratitude for all that you have.


Halloween, despite all the hype, is a magical time when the veil between the worlds is thinner and our ancestors are closer to us.  There is no separation between us but delusion puts a veil over it which we can pierce in meditation or at times like Halloween.  Went to the garden centre to meet my dear friend for breakfast on Sunday….and of course couldn’t help but buy some plants!  Went for plants to start preparing my Halloween doorstep, I love the creativity involved in gardening and use it as an excuse to mark each season differently as it comes into being, that’s my sort of art.

I have been out and about running workshops and new classes on meditation and yoga nidra so please come along and join me for some delicious down time, and to learn some great techniques for handling the bumpy parts of life that come as we walk the path.  We have everything we need inside of us to respond to whatever life presents to us – when we are quiet enough to access it.  Learning to meditate is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.

A great workshop (New Beginnings) on the calendar to inspire our entrance into the new year so do come and join us for a morning of sacred dance, ritual, candles, intention…and set the new year off from the heart.

And I am so excited to announce that my “Practical Magic” herb workshop will be at the gorgeous Prairie Gardens in Henfield at Summer Solstice next year – yayyy!

Upcoming Events and Groups (full details on events page)

New meditation group starting Monday 5th November 5pm at Iriness in Horsham

Regular yoga nidra and relaxation class in Handcross Parish Hall Mondays at 10.45

Shakti – Dance and Yoga Nidra – Yogaananda Holistic Centre Reigate, Sat 3/11 and Sunday 16/12

Dance of Awareness with Dancemantra in Horsham: Sunday 11th November

New Beginnings Workshop – Sunday 20th January in Horsham

Practical Magic – Saturday 22nd June 2019 (I know it’s early but space is limited!)

Nalini Natural Skincare – great gift ideas….

Lovely, natural gifts this Christmas

I have been experimenting with different packaging this year and have the thumbs up from many of you on the tissue paper packaging for gifts.  Many lovely ideas for a really unique and heartfelt gift for your friends and family – it’s always lovely to receive something made by hand…and with a lot of love!  I am happy to post, or you can get them from me in Horsham or Handcross, just let me know.  Gift boxes made to order to accomodate two or more products.  Nalini Natural Skincare range is suitable for all skin types, smells amazing and is deep, yummy nutrition for the skin.

Wishing you all a fabulous Autumn, enjoy the beauty and colour of this season and start wrapping up!  Felt a real chill in the air this afternoon…hot chocolate needed!

All blessings, Nalini xxx