About Nalini

Nalini is a qualified women’s wellness coach, yoga teacher and holistic therapist.  She offers expertise, safe space and support for health and emotional issues and life change.  She uses her knowledge, intuition and experience to tailor sessions to meet your individual needs, and her warm, down to earth approach will put you instantly at ease.

“I started my career in humanitarian aid and disaster response for the UK Government.  I trained as an aromatherapist in 1995 and began exploring yoga and meditation. Inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, I lived in the Ananda spiritual community in Italy for many years which reshaped my life.

I studied and qualified in different holistic therapy approaches over the years and also qualified as a Red School women’s coach.  After suffering with intense pain and PMT, I discovered Alexandra Pope’s work on Menstrual Cycle Awareness .  The healing and change were profound, not only physically, but in the whole way I lived my life.  As a result, I am passionate about coaching and empowering women.

I support women with the challenges of fertility, the menstrual cycle and menopause including period pain, PMT, hot flushes, sleep, emotional overwhelm and exhaustion.  I trained in Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy which initiated a deep integration on both a personal and professional level.  Women’s wellness yoga (womb yoga) supports fertility, postnatal, menstrual cycle and menopause and it is a pleasure to see the delight in women when they engage with these nourishing practices.

As a ScarWork therapist, I use this effective treatment for integration and healing, working with women who have had breast surgery including mastectomy, Cesarean birth healing and many other scars.

I make a range of vegan products – Nalini Natural Skincare.  I have been making products since 2001 and they reflect my passion for nature and natural living, being kind to both our skin and Mamma Earth.  These are available for sale and also bring a unique touch to my therapy sessions.”


Nalini’s Herb Garden

Nalini is a a certified Women’s Quest facilitator and coach and qualified aromatherapist.  Qualified in  ScarWork, Fascial Unwinding and Energy body work, Body Psychology and Bach Flower Therapy.  Certified meditation, women’s wellness yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher and Dance of Awareness facilitator.

She has a natural affinity with nature and the seasons and all they have to teach and loves sharing this in her “Practical Magic” Workshops.

Passionate about herb and wild flower gardening, producing her Nalini Natural Skincare range.  She lives surrounded by her healing plants, many of which find their way onto her workshops or into her creams.  She loves cats, dance, travel, reading, journalling and being in nature.   Nalini plays harmonium, an Indian musical instrument that accompanies devotional chanting, and follows the path of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.