Women’s Health Clinic and Yoga in Horsham and Haywards Heath

Women’s wellness specialist offering a unique and holistic approach to healing and empowerment through a range of therapies, coaching, inspiring workshops, and yoga and meditation

… an invitation for women to heal naturally and feel better.   Solutions for women’s health concerns.  I offer a unique and holistic approach to healing and empowerment through a range of therapies, coaching, and yoga and meditation in Horsham and Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Specialising in support and  natural solutions for menstrual health, natural fertility, pregnancy support and menopause.  Natural methods for hot flushes, period pain relief, PMT, irregular periods, mood swings, emotional overwhelm, joint pain, sore breasts and other symptoms.  Read more

Holistic ScarWork scar healing sessions for C-Section scar healing, breast surgery and mastectomy scar healing, and all post op scar healing. Read more

Aromatherapy and healing holistic therapies for a range of issues including pain management, PTSD, miscarriage, fibromyaliga, CFS, stress, anxiety and sleep issues.  The therapy for grief and loss.  Incorporating aromatherapy oils, Bach Flowers, and healing. Read more

Holistic Coaching – partnering you to realise your full potential. Read more

Sessions individually tailored to support you totally – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Womens’ Health Clinic sessions in Horsham, Haywards Heath and Handcross, West Sussex

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Herbal Workshops

Practical Magic Herb Course

I run workshops on healing herbs and making natural herbal products. My workshops will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making natural products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, the workshops will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, aromatherapy and natural herbal remedies. See the events page for more details.  

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Nalini Natural Skincare

Natural, vegan skincare

High quality, natural skincare products – kind to your skin and to the earth.

Natural products for face, body and ambient.

Healing properties of pure vegetable oils, butters, active ingredients and aromatherapy oils leaves skin beautifully fragrant and healthy.

Conscious ingredients and packaging.  Nalini has been producing vegan natural skincare products since 2001.

Nalini also uses her products during her aromatherapy and healing sessions.

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About Nalini Wellness

Specialising in natural treatments and solutions, I offer support for menstrual cycle and menopause problems and for a range of other issues including fertility , pain, sleep issues, trauma, C-Section healing, and the often unacknowledged grief of miscarriage.   Qualified in ScarWork therapy, I also work with breast surgery recovery and scar healing from any type of surgery.

As an aromatherapist and holistic therapist, some of the main issues I work with are grief, stress and anxiety, pain management, fibromyalgia and emotional healing.

Passionate about herb and wild flower gardening, I love producing my  Natural Skincare range  and holding herbal workshops.  My small but gorgeous garden graciously provides a myriad array of healing plants which find their way onto my workshops and into my products.   I enjoy yoga and conscious dance and holding space for women to come and heal, laugh and find joy on my workshops and retreats.  I am a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and Dance of Awareness facilitator and hold events locally and on location.


“I have been a client, and friend, of Nalini for a few years now. In that time she has regularly treated me with Aromatherapy massage and trauma healing sessions. Nalini was the first person I turned to after I had pneumonia. Her approach combines a mixture of knowledge, skill, kindness and care. She is also hugely professional and trustworthy.

“I have also attended her workshops for Menopause. It was obvious that she had put thought into preparing each day, which was a great combination of information, relaxation and fun!
Nalini encourages people with her authenticity and curiosity about life. Her warmth is infectious. I have, and would, recommend her to anyone” (Elaine, Social Worker)

“Nalini has this wonderful combination of humour and wisdom, a true connector.  Her enthusiasm and reverence for whatever it is she is teaching, from an herbal workshop, to meditation techniques, transmits as joy, and joy is inspiring. Her willingness to share her own journey, her own imperfections and humanness with humour and compassion towards herself….allows people to consider that for themselves as well”. (Andrea)