Women’s Wellness: Coaching, Therapies and Yoga in Horsham Sussex

Natural Solutions for Women’s Health and Well-being

Women’s wellness specialist offering a unique and holistic approach to healing and empowerment through a range of therapies, coaching, inspiring workshops, and yoga and meditation

Specialising in natural solutions for menstrual health, perimenopause and menopause

Holistic Coaching to increase confidence and self-esteem, and to clarify your goals

Holistic Therapy for PTSD, trauma,  miscarriage, bereavement, stress, anxiety and sleep issues

Natural solutions for  hot flushes, period pain, emotional overwhelm, irregular periods and other symptoms

C-Section, mastectomy and post-op scar recovery with Scarwork therapy

Yoga for fertility, menstrual cycle, postnatal, menopause, stress and relaxation

Nalini Natural Skincare

High quality, natural products – kind to your skin and to the earth.

Healing properties of pure vegetable oils, butters and essential oils leaves skin beautifully fragrant and healthy.

Conscious ingredients and packaging.  Nalini has been producing natural skincare since 2001.

I have been a client, and friend, of Nalini for a few years now. In that time she has regularly treated me with Aromatherapy massage and trauma healing sessions. Nalini was the first person I turned to after I had pneumonia. Her approach combines a mixture of knowledge, skill, kindness and care. She is also hugely professional and trustworthy.

I have also attended her workshops for Menopause. It was obvious that she had put thought into preparing each day, which was a great combination of information, relaxation and fun!
Nalini encourages people with her authenticity and curiosity about life. Her warmth is infectious. I have, and would, recommend her to anyone” (Elaine, Social Worker)